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Apart from the satisfaction I gain from growing an exceptional moustache, I am also able to shed further light on the issues surrounding men's health. Gentlemen (especially the manly Australians) rarely speak out with regards to their mental and physical well-being, considering the topic taboo, which is so often the case in social settings. Movember provides the opportunity for me to make the public more aware of male depression and health issues relating to the prostate and gonads by sporting a 'stache.
Kristian Wells

10 Year Mo Bro

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Deb Mavric
4 Week(s) Ago

Hey Kristian, 10 years of mo growing, legend. Thank-you. You should know though that growing is best done with others, they will support you through those hard first few days when your upper lip is cold and scared, not sure which way it is going to grow. And they will be there at the end to reveal in all your 'stache glory. Did you know women are more attracted to men with Moustaches. Fact. Have a great month, grow strong and proud. Cheers Deb (MoHQ)

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