3 December 2014

This time last year James Franklin had raised well over $20,000 all without growing a Mo. Find out how he’s Mo-ing this year.

James Franklin

This time last year James Franklin had raised well over $20,000 all without growing a Mo. That’s because James was battling testicular cancer and was going through chemo. We check in with James to see how his health, and his Mo, are faring this Movember.

Movember: How did you first hear about Movember and why did you get involved?

James: I actually first heard about it when I saw Wallabies rugby players with Mo’s and didn’t know if it was something silly or what was actually happening. I asked a few people and the next year I signed up. Mostly through following sport. Saw that rugby players were doing it and wanted to get involved myself.

Movember: Why is men’s health important to you?

James: In particular because of having testicular cancer last year. That really opened my eyes as I thought I was invincible but I wasn’t. Finding out that I had cancer and that I needed to look after myself and be aware that cancer, and mental health issues are such a big thing effecting young men. I think there are a lot of guys out there like I was, thinking that they’re untouchable.

Movember: What is your most memorable Movember moment?

James: In general it would be getting all of the messages of support last year. Not only from people doing Movember but people who reading my story, lived near me or heard about it through family and friends. That helped me stay so positive. Without Movember I wouldn’t have been getting those messages.

Movember: What do you like most about participating in Movember?

James: I love that it brings a fun element to charity. Most charities don’t find a way of making things exciting. For example, I’ve got a party lined up for tomorrow night at my workplace. We compare Mo’s and make jokes but then that can lead to serious conversations. Most of my mates participate in Movember and talk about it with a lot of other people.

Movember: Has Movember had a direct impact on your family, friends or community? 

James: Yes, definitely. I’ve had people that I barely know tell me that they’ve had Mo growing competitions at work. Or set up donation boxes. They’ve heard about my story and tell me what they’re doing at their workplaces and how much they’re raising.

Movember last year helped me get through things a lot better than I otherwise would have, kept me positive. I didn’t really expect that to happen.

James, we’re with you all the way mate.