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Borat Says: Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer, behind skin cancers, in young men aged 18 – 39 years. It starts as an abnormal growth or tumour that develops in one or both testicles. It is a highly treatable type of cancer with a very good cure rate (about 95%) if found and treated early.

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Mining Challenge wrote on Justin's Mo Space 38 Week(s) Ago

Well there you have it - we’re done! At 9am this morning (AEDT) the 2013 Mining Challenge officially closed.

It’s been an incredible campaign from our Mining and Natural Resources sector who collectively raised over $1.1 million dollars for men’s health! Well done – you guys are seriously awesome!

Thank you all for making such a remarkable contribution to Movember and for helping make the Mining Challenge so successful. We’ve been humbled by the support shown from the Mining and Natural Resource sector, you all really dug deep this year. We hope you all enjoyed the hairy month and can look back fondly on Movember 2013.

Take a look at the Mining Challenge Network page for all the winners.

Drum roll please....

Justin Knock 39 Week(s) Ago

Michael E Schumacher donated $138.50 39 Week(s) Ago

Good Growing. Exercise the Mo daily with a walk.

Christopher Columbus donated $25.00 42 Week(s) Ago

That mo is enormous Justin, even I would get lost in that jungle

RePipe Pty Ltd donated $250.00 43 Week(s) Ago

At least you don't have to stop drinking beer!

Justin Knock 43 Week(s) Ago

Hey Jeremy, if that realy is you, you have never brought me a beer let alone donate 50 quid to any thing. I think its May & the Hamster taking the piss out of you again...lol

David Barry donated $50.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Jeremy Clarkson donated $50.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Stig, how do I know you are growing one with that brain bucket constantly on your head? There is another 20 quid if you take it off. Those tight arses May and Hamster haven't donated yet?

Peter Knock donated $50.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Let it cover your whole face. For the good of humanity......................................

Justin Knock 43 Week(s) Ago

If you are looking why not donate while your here

Shane Creighton donated $50.00 43 Week(s) Ago

Grow that mow.

Jackie Chang donated $50.00 to RT WA - Utilities and split it evenly between all team members ($12.50 each). 44 Week(s) Ago

You Aussie hav clazy way to raise money, but i like it. Com on Aussie com on, grow mo and donate now, please. look out for my next movie, then you donate to me.... lol

Marija Zec donated $100.00 to RT WA - Utilities 44 Week(s) Ago

Support a good cause guys! Every dollar counts...

Justin Knock donated $100.00 45 Week(s) Ago

Donate some money or i'll jump through the screen & rip your bloody arms off.

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