Prizes & Comps

Check out the incredible prizes and competitions below, from national prizes to the highly coveted International Man of Movember title:

Movember Prizes

Once registered, you qualify for the national prizes on offer.
$20 Draw
A reward for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who raise over $20. Entries close at 9am on 10th Dec (AEDT)

Best Mo Space
The winner will be chosen from a selection of the highest rated Mo Space pages. Closes 9am on the 10th December AEDT.

Brushes With Fame
For the best photo of you, your Mo and someone famous! Closes 9am on the 10th December AEDT.
THE HYLANDER - Sexiest Mo Award
In honour of our fallen Mo Bro Nick Hyland. Nick was an original Mo Bro and took out the 2004 Sexiest Mo award, as voted by the Mo Sistas. The Hylander Sexiest Mo award will be in Melbourne only this year as a tribute to both Nick and the home of Movember with this prize category going global in 2014.

Platinum Club
For Mo Bros & Mo Sistas who raise over $1000

Team Mo (10 or less)
The team (10 or less) who raise the most money. Closes 9am on the 10th December AEDT.

Team Mo (11 or more)
The team (11 or more) who raise the most money. Closes 9am on the 10th December AEDT.

The Mo Mo - James Dean Memorial Award
In recognition of the outstanding efforts of Mo Bro James Dean in 2008, The Movember Foundation has created the ‘Mo Mo – James Dean Memorial Award’. Going forward, this will be awarded each year to the individual who raises the most amount of money during the Movember campaign in Australia. Closes 9am on the 10th December AEDT.


There were two International prizes on offer: the highly coveted title of "International Man of Movember", which was selected by an expert panel of Mo Bros from the winner of the Man of Movember title at every Gala Parté; and the video competition, the Moscars, for the best Movember video.
International Man of Movember
The ultimate Movember accolade...
The Moscars
The Moscars is a video awards extravaganza celebrating Mo Bros and Mo Sistas’ creativity with a camera to find the best Movember video. Submit your entry here.