16 August 2020

Telehealth study uncovers important insights for prostate cancer care

Movember-funded study uses telehealth to address unmet needs for men living with and beyond prostate cancer
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Prostate cancer is estimated to be the most common cancer affecting Australian men, with 1 in 6 diagnosed before the age of 85.

While a survival rate of 95% sounds like a good thing, it also means many men live for years experiencing a multitude of short and long-term side effects from treatment. 

In response, Movember developed a global initiative called Movember True North to help improve outcomes and quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Under the Movember True North banner, we undertook
a research study in Australia to see whether personalised prostate cancer care could be delivered through telehealth. This allowed men living with prostate cancer and their partners/carers to receive support no matter where they lived in Australia.  

The unique telehealth model provided men with access to healthcare, education and specialist services through technology platforms such as telephone, video and computer.

Personalised care was coordinated by specialist nurses and included referrals to lifestyle support, such as exercise and diet, as well as referrals to specialised services, including continence advice, sexual health counselling, and psychological support.

“If there isn’t something like True North, you just spend too much time in the dark and you’re not really sure what to do. It gave me a chance to talk about things before I worried about them too much.” – Participant

What we knew going into the study was that men and their partners/carers are challenged with specific support needs that can impact on their quality of life following a prostate cancer diagnosis.

What this study has successfully demonstrated is that a model of specialist support can be delivered by telehealth, making much-needed support services accessible to all men.

This study comes at a critical time, with the demand for more health services to be delivered remotely at an all-time high.

For more info on the study and its findings, check out this infographic.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for information, tools and resources to help navigate the prostate cancer journey, head to Movember True North.