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Men's health

Personally the last couple of years have been challenging with my father suffering a major stroke last year, something that he is still recovering from, and may have been preventable if he had been a little more active. Then this year we have the global challenges of COVID-19 and the ongoing lockdowns here in Victoria.

All in all this has had a huge impact to all of our lives and especially myself and my family as we try and rehabilitate my father through this trying time.

More than ever I am inspired to continue my journey to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Join myself and the rest of the Total Tools team as we look to bring awareness to Movember across Australia.

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Total Tools
Team captain James Cooper
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47 Week(s) Ago

Hi Brandon,

Congrats on becoming a Mo Bro again! From all of us at Movember, we'd like to personally thank you for helping us change the face of men's health. It's never too late to get your fundraising off the ground. If you’re finding it difficult to ask for a donation, there are a few softer ways of asking. Start by donating $10 or so to yourself, make sure you MoSpace page picture is up to date and share your MoSpace on your social media, messenger or WhatsApp with this line “I’m doing Movember this year to raise money for men’s health”

Best of luck,
Glenn from Mo HQ

50 Week(s) Ago

The big shave down complete! Day 1 of Movember 2020.

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88 Week(s) Ago
I ran .97 km00:11:351286 steps

99 Week(s) Ago
I walked 1.08 km00:10:00

100 Week(s) Ago
I walked 1.54 km00:10:00

102 Week(s) Ago

Where it begins and a shoutout to Gillette for providing all the shaving gear!!

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