David Kewley
3  year  Mo Bro


Target: $200
raised $240 since 2019
My motivation

Men’s health is such a difficult conversation. Being responsible is not showing weakness. Get your Mo on to raise awareness. Say healthy peeps

How I'm
getting involved
Mobart Mo Bros
Team captain Tom Windsor
$57,304 Team funds raised
0 of 100 kilometres
Looking to get back into my 100km per month groove …
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209 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km00:48:26

Terrigal tear-away 5km & 10km pbs

210 Week(s) Ago
I ran 10 km00:53:33

Terrigal Ten km

210 Week(s) Ago
I ran 12.8 km01:07:36

Sydney harbour run

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