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Our Motivation

Back in 2019 was when I challenged myself, to push myself both physically and mentally. After years of suffering from self-doubt I had to push myself further than I have ever done before. Running 465 kms in 30 days proved that I could do just that and from that.....run30formovember was born !! For whatever reason when Movember comes along, I shine. I don’t have a reason why it happens; it just does. Maybe it's because I am forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and do something different, something that makes a change in my life but in someone else's as well. Harnessing what I do during the month of November needs to continue for the rest of the year. I need to push myself forward, take chances and believe in myself. It's something I have control over and it's something I will be pushing moving forward.

Run30fromovember is just not about me, it's about the lives of all the men out there, young and old. It's about raising awareness and doing something about it. It's about getting off your bloody arse. It's about making a difference in somebody's live. It’s about making difference in mine. As a father of two teenage sons, I want them to be able to be open about their feelings, express their emotions and not be afraid of being the better man.

So, are you up for it? Take the challenge and come run with me. Run 1km per day corresponding to that day of the month. Day 1 = 1km, Day 2 – 2km, Day 3 = 3km and so on and so forth until day 30 = 30 kms. So, in total, 465 kms in 30 days. Be physically but also mentally prepared for a tough but emotional challenge.

By no means is this just a ‘run’ in the park. What might seem easy in the first couple of weeks will be a massive challenge coming into day 20 when you have to start backing up your runs every day. Focus on your pace, keep it steady and consistent and by doing this you will have a cracker of a run!!

This Challenge's distance total

465 km

1 km per day x that day of the month = 465 kms in 30 days !! Come and join the movement and be part of run30formovember !!!





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