(mo)re than a run


Target: $500,000
Our Motivation

[mo]re than a run is an opportunity for runners from all over Australia & NZ to come together in an attempt to make a meaningful impact on men’s health, mental health and suicide prevention.
Join thousands of other runners in raising funds for Movember by choosing to challenge yourself in the Movember 60, Movember 30 or the Movember 10 on a course of your choosing.

10 for the one in ten men around the world living with an anxiety disorder

30 for the 30% rise in the number of Australian men dying by suicide over the last decade.

New Zealand
30 for the more than 30% of New Zealanders who have personally experienced mental distress.

60 for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour around the world.

Sometimes it is [mo]re than a run.

This Challenge's distance total

10 km





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