Mo Bro Bruce stands holding motorcycle helmet and twists his moustache.
Mo Bro Bruce encourages everyone to take ownership of their health.Image by: Supplied
Mo Bro Bruce stands holding motorcycle helmet and twists his moustache.
Twistgrip Tales race crew embrace on salt flats against a sunset background.
22 May 2023

Bruce’s story: Why I ride for men’s health

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I never imagined that my love for motorcycles would lead me on such a life-changing journey.

About a decade ago, I had a motorcycle accident. It was during the subsequent hospital medical checks that I wound up being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Not too long before the accident, I’d had a blood test to test my PSA levels which came back normal. My GP initially reassured me that I didn't have to worry about it, but a young hospital doctor accidentally conducted the PSA test again. That ultimately saved my life. If not for that doctor's persistence, I could have been dead within six months. I could’ve missed out on important milestones like my daughter's 21st birthday and my son turning 18.

How prostate cancer changed my outlook

This life-altering experience made me realise the importance of taking charge of our own health. The conversations we have about our health can save lives. I became a tram driver after my recovery, and I often speak to my passengers about Movember and encourage them to get checked out. I estimate that I have spoken to over a million passengers about men's health. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and it fuels my passion to continue spreading the word.

Even in my own personal network, I have seen the impact of these conversations, with friends and friends of friends getting check-ups because of my advocacy.

Taking part in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride has become a powerful platform for bringing together the motorcycle community and supporting Movember. Through this initiative, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of the amazing programs & research made possible by fundraising and awareness-raising efforts. People from all over the world have reached out to me, sharing their stories of getting check-ups and taking control of their health. It is heart-warming to know that I have played a small part in making a difference.

A world record attempt

My love for motorcycles has also led me to take on a world record – the world land speed record – on a small copy of a Honda motorcycle originally built to be a delivery bike.

When I set out, my goal was not just to surpass the Australian record but to take this Chinese, modern pizza delivery bike and shatter the existing world record of 100.884 miles per hour. I wanted to go where no one had gone before, to climb the metaphorical Mount Everest of speed.

It hasn't been an easy road. We’ve faced numerous challenges along the way, including two engine failures during the building process. This little motorbike, with its ancient technology, has presented a unique set of obstacles. However, this old-fashioned technology suits me perfectly. It’s my kind of technology, and I’ve embraced it. The best part of my project is that I’ve got mates to help and share it within the Twistgrip Tales Race Crew. Staying connected is so important.

My message about men’s health

Surviving cancer has allowed me to become part of Movember, participate in events like The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and achieve an Australian Land Speed Record with a plan to break some world records next year. It is a constant reminder to make the most out of life and encourage others to do the same. We are all in the race of life, and it is essential to be on top of our health so that we can enjoy every moment to the fullest.

I encourage everyone to take ownership of their health, engage in conversations about men's health, and support initiatives like Movember. Together, we can break records, raise awareness, and save lives.

Bruce is an incredible member of our Movember community, continuously championing advocacy and awareness for men's health. Bruce and his son Lachlan regularly capture and create content that documents their travels and record-breaking attempts on Bruce’s YouTube channel, ‘Twistgrip Tales’.