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Mo Bro Mac
7 October 2022

How to get that first donation

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Movember is coming. It’s time to ready your razors, link up your fitness trackers, and make plans for your Mo-ments or challenges.

Movember is one wild ride. But you’re the kind who laughs in the face of adversity. When things get hairy, you get hairier, because you’re a champion of the mighty Mo. You’re a change agent. You and every one of your Mo Bros and Mo Sisters have what it takes.


This might be your first rodeo, or you might be a seasoned hand.

It never hurts to start Movember with a quick refresher (and we don’t mean a moist towelette).


Before you can Grow, you need to shave. Every Mo Bro starts here. But you can use this to get the jump on the others. Make yours a mini fundraiser. Share your shave on social media and include your Mo Space link. Get your supporters to vote for your Mo style.

Take our Move challenge

You don’t need to be an athlete to run or walk 60km during Movember. But if you have a fitness tracker, you should link it to your Mo Space. It’ll help track how you go.

Host a Mo-ment

If you can’t Host a Mo-ment in person, go virtual. Trivia nights have gone gangbusters online. We even made our own Mo Trivia questions just for you. Think up events that’ll encourage friends and family to donate, then get prepping for them. Why stop at one?

Mo Your Own Way

Our choose-your-own-adventure challenge of epic proportions. What kind of challenges? Dares for donations? How about parkour? Attempting a world record? Kicking a bad habit? Or drawing GPS pictures with your activity tracking app? You set the limits. Chase them down and inspire donations.


“If you Grow it, they will come.” If only it was that easy.

Donations are much like growing a Mo. Sometimes they come thick and fast. Most of the time, they come slowly… One. At. A. Time.

To help you live your best Mo, here are some donation ideas from our fundraising-hardened veteran Mo Bros and Mo Sisters.

  • Family and friends first – they’ll be the most supportive. Especially if you have embarrassing photos of them.
  • Back yourself – make the first donation and challenge others to match it.
  • Tried and true – ask those who’ve supported you in the past. You can find their email details in your Mo Space. Go to your ‘my account’ section, then click on ‘fundraising history’.
  • Facebook Fundraiser – Fundraisers who use this raise almost twice as much as those who don’t. Create your Mo Space one first, then your Facebook Fundraiser. Donations can then sync across both.
  • Share why you’re doing it – if you have a reason or personal story you want to share, tell it. We’re all here to inspire conversations and change the face of men’s health.


You're not limited to doing just one fundraiser. You can mix and match Grow, Move and Host. They all play nicely together.

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Then you can Grow and Host, or Grow and Move, or Move and Host.

A second or third fundraiser brings you closer to your target. And, dare we say, maybe even smashing it. Your efforts mean even more funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Sign up or log in to your Mo Space to get started.