Shave Down: 30th OctoberImage by: Movember
25 October 2020

Lockdown. Shave Down. Get Down.

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And here we go, party people. We’ve all spent way too much time apart this year. It’s time to connect – virtually or in-person – and cut loose. We’re itching for it so badly, in fact, that we’re starting early. This year we're going big and celebrating a global Shave Down from 30th October to 1st Movember.

Rally the troops, text your mates, message the group chat and open Zoom as we Lockdown. Shave Down. Get Down. Together.


You’ve got the date and you’ve registered your Mo Space page - now Lockdown your bearded mates to sign up and to do the same.

We’ve all faced some scary hair realities this year. Overgrown beards. Botched head shaves. Unplanned ponytails. It’s time to put it all behind us and refocus on the true king of facial hair: the moustache. Farewell your Lockdown look and pave the way for your Movember Mo. We’re shaving down early this year and getting a head start on our fundraising.

But, before you reach for the razor, immortalise your pre-shave face with a video or pic to share on social media.


Dust off those razors, foam up those faces, and let’s get this Shave Down party started.

You can Shave Down solo, rally a Zoom crew with friends or colleagues, or host an in-person Shave Down shindig (physically distanced, of course).

Connect with your mates for banter and hairy chat, to farewell full-face foliage and embrace those baby faces in the name of men's health.

Remember - Lockdown, Shave Down, Get Down is a celebration for anyone and everyone, not just those growing moustaches this Movember. The Mo the merrier.

Whatever you do, be sure to shoot some video, snap plenty of pictures and share your Shave Down on social media as a great way to rally support for the hairy month.

Don't forget to tag Movember and use #Shavedown #movember2020

For our Movember TikTokers, be sure to capture your Lockdown, Shave Down, Get Down moments on video, and keep an eye out for our global #Movember2020 challenge launching Movember 1.


You've let go of your whiskers, now let's get Growing you party people!

Shave Down tip: Nothing says Shave Down like a Gillette Movember Shave Down Kit. Remember a great Mo is a well-kept Mo – use the pack to keep it neat and use the power of the moustache to start important conversations and raise funds for men’s health. $10 from every pack sold on Gillette Direct will be donated to Movember.