Movember announce $100m invest at Old Parliament House, CanberraImage by: Movember
Photo showing Movember personnel: Paul Villanti, Trav Garone, Michelle Terry, Richard Deutsch and Simon Rice.
28 November 2023

Movember invests $100 million in The Movember Institute of Men's Health

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Movember is proud to celebrate its 20th year anniversary with the announcement of the launch of the The Movember Institute of Men's Health, a groundbreaking initiative designed to save lives and accelerate progress in the field of men’s health.

Building on a 20-year legacy of investment in men’s physical and mental health – totalling close to AUD $1 billion globally to-date – the Institute has ambitious goals to tackle preventable deaths head-on.

Over the course of its global 20-year history, Movember’s support has led to the development of five life-extending therapies, three PET imaging radiotracers, and new blood tests – including two of the most significant medical breakthroughs in the management of advanced prostate cancer in the 21st century.

Furthermore, Movember’s investments in prostate cancer treatment have contributed to a decline, of up to a third, in the prostate cancer death rate across five out of the six countries where Movember operates.

Despite these advances, Michelle Terry, Movember CEO, says men continue to die too young, and for largely preventable reasons.

“Although there are many contributing factors, inadequate health awareness and literacy means that many men often underestimate their health needs and avoid seeking vital care and resources,” she said.

“Since our inception, Movember has invested more than AUD $977 million in global funding projects, including more than AUD $640 million in cancer, and AUD $335 million in mental health and men’s health promotion. We have, among others, created the largest prostate cancer clinical registry network in the world, pioneered indigenous men’s social and emotional wellbeing research, and our face-to-face programs and digital resources have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, equipping them with tools to face life's challenges, foster courageous conversations, and enhance parenting skills.

“But we know we must – and can – do more, and that is why today in Parliament House we are proud to unveil our latest commitment to reducing preventable death and disability, and to greatly improve quality of life, through the launch of The Movember Institute of Men's Health.”

With a significant initial investment of AUD $100 million over the next five years, the The Movember Institute of Men's Health will serve as a critical international innovation and learning hub. It will build the next generation of men's health researchers and leaders and bring together the brightest minds and leading organisations in the field, to improve the lives of boys and men and their communities.

The Institute will focus on accelerating research and translating it into practical, real-world outcomes to address critical men's health issues, such as mental health, prostate and testicular cancers, gender-specific health care, and men's health literacy.

Professor Simon Rice, a distinguished expert in men's health research, has been appointed the Global Director of The Movember Institute of Men's Health. He will lead a talented team focused on the design, delivery, and impact of Movember's men's health knowledge creation and translational research.

"I’m thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with The Movember Institute of Men's Health. It’s an initiative that will propel us faster towards our goal of improving men's health and wellbeing globally. Building on an incredible 20-year legacy, we aim to strengthen Movember as the international leader in men's health, supporting research, building partnerships, nurturing talent, and delivering results that will change and save lives,” says Rice.

This latest announcement comes shortly after news that the Australian Government, through Cancer Australia, will commit AUD $5 million to the expansion of a national platform tracking the outcomes and experiences of cancer patients, spearheaded by Movember.

Recognising that more can be achieved in health when we partner together, Movember welcomes the chance to work alongside government and partners to help share a future where better men’s health creates a better world for all.

Photo: Making the announcement at Old Parliament House. Shown are Movember Executive Director, Programs, Paul Villanti; Movember founding member, Travis Garone; Movember Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Terry; Movember Chair, Richard Deutsch; and Professor Simon Rice.