Callum PrestonImage by: Movember
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
25 October 2020


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MR. MONOPOLY gets a moustache makeover for Movember, with exclusive artworks by celebrated Australian street artists being auctioned to raise funds for men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs.


Reflecting the distressed vintage style Preston is renowned for, this artwork brings MR. MONOPOLY and his moustache to life to convey a naturally weathered feel. Giving further insight to the moustache, Callum said, “I guess it’s almost the ‘Forrest Gump on his long run’ style, but I thought it was a twist on this very classic character to have him look a little dishevelled. It’s also what I imagine he would look like if he went on his soul search journey.”

Callum likes to turn to music for inspiration, and for this piece he connected with the Tom Petty lyric ‘Running down a dream’, that features in the work.

On a dream worth chasing, Callum said, “It doesn’t have to be about fortune, fame and money – a dream is to just be content and happy and enjoying what you’re doing with your life and the people you surround yourself with.”

Preston’s work is always personal, and re-imagining MR. MONOPOLY was no exception.“It made me stop and think a little bit about mental health and guys I knew who I’ve lost through suicide, and people who have struggled and had difficult lives connected to that. I was reminded to be thankful for what I have and to always be aware of the importance of checking in on yourself and on your friends.”


Callum Preston is an artist, designer, art director, and freelance maker of things.

Based in Collingwood, Melbourne for over 10 years, Callum’s artwork is heavy in nostalgia and pop culture. As a child of the 80s/90s, music and skateboarding have been key influences. Preston’s style is halfway between illustration and mural artwork, with a little sign painting; his previous shows have featured iconography inspired by normal suburbia.

Callum Preston is one of five celebrated Aussie street artists who - alongside Movember Co-founder and Global Brand & Creative Director, Travis Garone - has been given the unique opportunity to reimagine the MR. MONOPOLY character for the first time ever in the game’s 85-year history.

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