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MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
25 October 2020


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MR. MONOPOLY gets a moustache makeover for Movember, with exclusive artworks by celebrated Australian street artists being auctioned to raise funds for men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs.


Stencil artist HA-HA is a long-time supporter of both Monopoly and Movember. With a process based on repetition and colour, iconic symbols from the boardgame such as ‘Go to jail’ and ‘Free Parking’ can be found within the repeating of the imagery and vibrant colours reflective of a pop art style.

The key to reimagining MR. MONOPOLY was to reinvent his moustache. “I played around with MR. MONOPOLY’s moustache for quite a bit and I kind of liked the idea of a big, wild buffalo man’s moustache."

Regan remembers fondly, play Monopoly as kid. “We played on the weekends as a family, and then it would extend to some of our cousins who used to come over and it was just hours of fun, entertainment and laughter.”

To HA-HA, taking on the project made sense. Of the collaboration he said, “It’s going to a good cause - men’s health - and it’s good to be a part of a community and contribute to something positive.”


The work of HA-HA explores the power of mass media within Australian popular culture. The reality TV phenomena, the religion of sport, criminal lifestyles, get rich quick & instant fame becomes the obsessions, the new virtues of the 21st century.

By using multi-layered stencils of up to 40 layers, HA-HA’s work is a reflection of popular culture. He gets his images direct from the newspaper or from photographing the subject to tell a story of the here & now. Without the aid of a computer, his cutting technique produces life-like imagery. A self-taught artist, he started off by spray painting stencils on the street in the early 2000s and has since graduated to the gallery. HA-HA has been exhibiting for over 8 years, and his work can be found in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, BHP Billiton, State Library of Victoria, City of Melbourne, Artbank & private collections across Australia, NZ, UK & USA.

HA-HA is one of five celebrated Aussie street artists who - alongside Movember Co-founder and Global Brand & Creative Director, Travis Garone - has been given the unique opportunity to reimagine the MR. MONOPOLY character for the first time ever in the game’s 85-year history.

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