21 October 2015

We sat down with Men's Health Magazine editor Luke to get his ten top men's health tips.

Men's Health Tips
Our good friends at Men’s Health Magazine have jumped on board to support Movemberr again this year. We sat down with editor Luke Benedictus to get his ten top men's health tips.
  • Sitting comfortably? Well, stop. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your heart. At work swap your water bottle for a glass, so you head to the kitchen to refill more often.
  • The health benefits of avocado will have you saying "holy guacamole". The oleic acid they contain can help reduce cholesterol levels. Plus they taste awesome, too.
  • Drink more green tea. Not only is a cup brim full of antioxidants, it also boosts your metabolism and increases your kilojoule burn. 
  • Wear sunscreen every day. In NSW, men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with melanoma than women. Protect yourself and slather up. 
  • Yes, booze is great, but it also socks your liver. Try and stick within government guidelines or at least aim to have two alcohol-free days a week. 
  • Stress exacerbates health problems.  Keep calm and carry on with high-intensity exercise - a University of Missouri study found that a 33-minute session helps lower stress levels. 
  • Lack of sleep plays havoc with your immune system. Pop a magnesium supplement before you hit the sack – it calms the nerves and relaxes the muscle to help lull you to the land of nod.
  • Hoof it for health. In a University of Oklahoma study, men who logged at least 10,000 steps a day slashed their odds of having cardiovascular disease risk factors by 69 per cent.
  • Floss daily to fight cancer. People with gum disease don't just have a worse smile they also have a 54 per cent greater risk of kidney, pancreatic and blood cancers. 
  • Stay off the toilet during severe thunderstorms. Lightning can run through the plumbing. 

For more health, style and grooming tips visit the Men's Health website.