10 July 1971

Ladies, love or hate the moustache, the men of Movember need your support.

Mo Sistas Know...
Where The Money Goes
As the saying goes, behind every great man, usually stands a great women. So, as upper lips begin to twitch in anticipation of Movember, we are calling on all Mo Sistas to get behind their men as they do their bit for men’s health by growing a moustache.

Love or hate the Mo, Movember would like to see Mo Sistas across the country put personal feelings aside and welcome the Mo. So, whether it be a boyfriend, family member, friend or colleague, Mo Sistas need to firstly give permission for a Mo to be grown, and then provide support and encouragement throughout the 30 days of Movember.

For many Mo Bros, growing a moustache is not something they’ve tried before. As a result, they are worried about how they'll look and reluctant to endure the feeling of tickly lip whiskers as they begin to sprout.
A Mo Sista can show support in a number of ways. We suggest they begin by getting comfortable with the moustache, touch it, get to know it, love it! Then, jump right into Movember by starting a team, donating to the Mo Bro in your life, help rally support for the cause, and attend a highly anticipated Gala Parte at the end of the month.
As you can see in the video above, Mo Bro Jonesy and Mo Sista Malin Akerman prove that the Mo makes the man.