16 November 2016

The idea of masculinity is changing. Rhodes & Beckett have partnered with the Movember Foundation to be part of this positive evolution donating $15 from every shirt sold this month.

The Changing Man
For centuries, there’s been this idea that facial hair and manliness go hand in hand. As illustrated by US psychologist, Robert Pellegrini in 1979, moustaches signify male dominance and power communicating “an heroic image of the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer.”
But that is precisely what Rhodes & Beckett find so incredible and different about Movember. By taking a centuries old symbol of male power and asking us to approach it in a different way, they are redefining the way men see themselves forever.
In the men’s suiting industry, there’s always been this idea of what a real man is. An embellishment of the grit and toughness you need to rise to the top, an idea that in order to be a real man you have to live without fear, be bold and brave and fight alone.
But when Movember came along and became one of the largest charities in the world in just over a decade, it started to change all of that. Today, because of the Movember campaign, men are challenged to be more open and honest, more genuine and caring, more emotional and evolved.

That’s why this month Rhodes & Beckett are donating $15 from every shirt sold to the Movember Foundation. Because they believe that along with being strong and bold and brave, real men show support for each other, look after themselves, and address issues like depression and suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer, head on.
This Movember, while you sport your moustache and have a laugh, Rhodes & Beckett encourage you to think about what you’re really doing. You’re breaking down a centuries old idea about men and the way they behave, in order to stop men dying too young.

So while you’re sporting Salvador Dali’s eccentric twirl, Tom Selleck’s broom head in Magnum PI, or Charlie Chaplin’s Toothbrush moustache, be proud that you’re helping to influence fashion and culture forever. Be proud that you’re helping to reshape the way we see ourselves as men.
Perhaps, even, be proud that you’re a living breathing part of this positive evolution.

Click here to purchase a shirt from Rhodes & Beckett with $15 from each shirt being donated to the Movember Foundation.