24 November 2016

Seasonal fruit isn't the only area of expertise for Queen Vic Market's Harry the Fruiterer. Meeting most of Melbourne on their weekly shop, he's also across this season's freshest moustache stylings. Learn Harry's top tips for getting the most out of your Mo before the end of month shave down.

Market Moustachery
With only a few days left of the hairy season, the time has come to get the most out of your fully-grown moustache. This means spending a few extra minutes each morning making sure that your Mo is in peak condition to generate those important conversations about men’s health. But much like fruit and vegetables, the best moustache styles change seasonally which is why we went directly to Queen Vic Market’s Harry the Fruiterer. Meeting most of Melbourne on their weekly shop, he’s across this season’s freshest moustache stylings and has some tips to make sure your moustache is as impressive as his.

Comb it regularly
As delicious as this season’s oranges are, no one needs to see the remainder caught amongst your follicles. Keeping a comb on your person at all times is a great way to ensure that your Mo is food-free and to train the hairs to grow in the same direction.

Be careful grooming
A perfect moustache is much like a Red Delicious Apple. Everyone is looking for that perfect specimen when they come into season at this time of the year – and for my customers, the redder the better. Dampen your moustache before a trim and then use the corners of your mouth as a guide to make sure the hair is distributed evenly on your face.

Proportion matters
When arranging a fruit platter, the one thing that separates the professionals from the amateurs is a sense of balance. And the moustache is no different. It must compliment and work with all the other features of your face. A large Mo over small lips will only overpower your face, so aim for a Connoisseur or After Eight style. But if you have large lips, it might be time to try out a Handlebar.

Embracing the lift
Take a cue from the Bananas this season. Eating one a day is my secret to getting the potassium hit which will take your Mo to new heights.

Love Your Upper Lip Fluff
For those follicly challenged, look to the Kiwi Fruit for inspiration. Despite its light fuzz, it’s had a recent resurgence in popularity this season.

Once you’ve made the most of your moustache this hairy season, be sure to visit Queen Vic Market’s Summer Night Market on Wednesday 30th November to peel back your moustache in a live shave down. Click here for more details.