2 November 2017

Bar-stool conversations and your health

When was the last time you checked in with the guys in your life at the local?
When was the last time you checked in with the guys in your life at the local? Not just a “what’s up?”, but a solid chat about what’s going on in life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
For most men, it’s been a while. Research shows men tend to lose out on closeness with friends after the age of 30. 
The result? While 70% of guys say they would be there for friends going through a tough time, only 48% would actually turn to friends for support. 
Unfortunately for many of us, the struggle is real. And getting beyond surface-level conversation during the brief times we do catch up is rare.
The good news? Asking friends about the real stuff in life doesn’t have to be so tough. 
It can be as simple as chatting over a cold drink and good food at your local. The way you’d normally hang out. But at regular intervals.
By scheduling a recurring mate date, you’ll always have a time and place to speak up – no matter what life throws your way.
It’s a habit that Stomping Ground Brewing Co see their customers do all the time. 
From behind the bar, the brewers have seen the positive effects of men opening up first-hand, and hope to encourage more to do the same during Movember at the numerous venues that stock their 'Gipps St' Pale Ale across Australia. 
As a proud partner of the Movember Foundation this year, Stomping Ground want everyone to get involved and help tackle men's health issues.