24 July 2018

Men's health in the spotlight

The Real Full Monty
Prostate Cancer | Real Stories | Testicular Cancer
Around the world, Prostate Cancer kills 45 men every hour.

Testicular Cancer strikes early. It’s the most common cancer in men under 40.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer are at the centre of the men’s health crisis and Channel 7 is bringing them into the spotlight with the must-see television event of the year, The Real Full Monty.

Based on the 1997 film’s climax with the famous striptease routine, more than two decades on, eight famous men will dare to bare it all to raise awareness for men’s health. These brave men include AFL star Campbell Brown, NRL great Matt Cooper, radio personality Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, Ironman Jett Kenny, Sunrise Weather presenter Sam Mac, model Kris Smith and AFL legend Brian ‘BT’ Taylor.

Viewers will go on a journey with these brave men, from the awkwardness of the first rehearsal to the final moment standing in nothing but their birthday suits.

Doing double duty as both host and performer is Shane Jacobson who, alongside choreographer Todd McKenney, will put the celebrities through their paces building up to one glorious moment.

This one off special airing Sunday 29th July on Channel 7 is designed to raise awareness for men’s health issues. “If the blokes we round up are brave enough to go The Real Full Monty then the men of Australia can be brave enough to talk about cancer.” – Shane Jacobson.