6 September 2018

Prostate Cancer Funding Announcement

Movember Foundation teams up with the Australian Government for $12 million prostate cancer research boost
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Movember Foundation teams up with the Australian Government for $12 million prostate cancer research boost
We are excited to announce a landmark $12 million partnership with the Australian Government which will bring together the best scientists and clinicians from around the world to accelerate prostate cancer research in Australia.
As a leading global funder of prostate cancer research, the Movember Foundation has invested more than $92 million in Australia across biomedical research, treatment quality and supporting men and their families better manage the side effects of treatment since 2004. By teaming up with the Australian Government, we are now looking to establish three national Prostate Cancer Research Alliance (PCRA) teams over the next three years.
Movember Foundation CEO Owen Sharp said that with significant findings from the alliance set to be incorporated into clinical practice as early as 2023, the multi-million dollar commitment would allow researchers to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough research to benefit those with prostate cancer within a remarkably short timeframe.

“This is an incredibly exciting investment that is set to fast-track discoveries in prostate cancer research and ensure that these innovations make their way from the lab to the clinic faster, which will have a huge impact on the lives of men around the world diagnosed with the disease,” he said.
Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said: “This funding will save lives and protect lives. Prostate cancer is amongst our most deadly cancers’ and we must do everything we can to reverse the loss of life caused by this terrible disease. Finding better treatments, diagnosis and ultimately a cure for prostate cancer is what we are all striving for.”
Biomedical research conducted by the Prostate Cancer Research Alliance teams will focus on addressing critical gaps in prostate cancer research, as identified by the Movember Foundation, which consulted an international team of 45 leading prostate cancer experts, as well as a range of men living with prostate cancer.
Key priorities over the next three years will include optimizing personalised treatments for men via cutting-edge imaging and genetic profiling in an effort to reduce the number of men developing advanced prostate cancer.
The three PCRA teams will complement other major research initiatives the foundation has established across Canada, the United Kingdom and USA and will be managed by the Movember Foundation and co-governed by the foundation and Cancer Australia.