29 August 2019

Tom Boyd shares his story

Courageous Conversations
Mental Health | Real Stories

When it comes to looking after your own mental health, knowing when to keep your head down and charge through tough times, when to stop and reassess, or when to reach out for support can be a tough act to balance. Everyone goes through difficult times in one form or another, and while tackling these problems can be difficult, starting a conversation with your mates is a great first step.
To help spark the discussion, Movember is releasing the second Courageous Conversations series featuring incredible athletes sharing the moments a quick chat with a mate made all the difference in their lives. These personal accounts offer practical advice and mental health and wellbeing tips.
On our first episode, produced in partnership with the AFL Players’ Association we sit down with AFL legend Tom Boyd who walks through the steps leading up to his decision to ultimately retire from the Western Bulldogs in May earlier this year. In addition to opening up with his own struggles with insomnia and mental health,  Boyd stresses the importance of personal reflection and recognising the need to take ownership of your mental and physical wellbeing.