14 October 2019

Tech partnership on a mission to combat inaccurate diagnosis of prostate cancer

Movember and MRI PRO team up to improve prostate cancer diagnostics
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Diagnostic methods for prostate cancer are set to improve with an online educational tool helping doctors to diagnose prostate cancer more accurately.

Movember, the world’s largest men’s health charity, and MRI PRO today announced a partnership to improve the suffering that men face due to the long-term problem of inaccurate diagnosis.

MRI PRO is a world-first online educational tool designed to help doctors required to accurately diagnose prostate cancer scans from an MRI machine to learn how best to interpret these images. Carefully constructed using hundreds of cases with matched pathology specimens, MRI PRO is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on the way that doctors diagnose the disease and manage the treatment of men.

Movember Executive Director of Programs Paul Villanti said that every year in Australia, approximately 20,000 men face a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

"It is the most common cancer diagnosis in Australian men and we know that these men can unfortunately experience issues as a result of inaccurate diagnosis," he said.

“We are proud to be announcing this partnership with MRI PRO. As MRI becomes an important tool in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, we need to be sure that this tool is used to its greatest advantage.

“Accurate training of the medical specialists who read these scans is a critical step to helping us best serve the men around the world facing this disease and we feel that MRI PRO is a great partner to help achieve this goal.”

MRI PRO Founder, Associate Professor Jeremy Grummet said that by improving prostate MRI reading skills, our aim is to fix the long-term problem of inaccurate diagnosis of prostate cancer and alleviate unnecessary suffering of men around the world.

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"With our Medicare-funded MRI testing for prostate cancer, Australia is a world leader in prostate cancer diagnostics. We're leveraging this leading position to educate doctors around the world to diagnose prostate cancer accurately using MRI," he said.

"Made in Australia for radiologists and urologists around the world, MRI PRO is the world's largest online trainer in prostate MRI, with 300 MRI cases, every one verified by the gold standard of tissue diagnosis. A team of the world's top experts from universities including Cambridge, Stanford, University of California San Francisco and New York University have advised on the program, which earns continuing education points for learners across the globe.”

For more information, or to see the tool in action, head to www.mripro.io