22 November 2019

World's First Pash Rash Cream

Thank you for supporting your loved ones this Movember

Amongst all the Mo's that are growing around the country raising vital funds to stop men dying too young, there is one victim.
The partner of the mo grower.
These people who suffer - sometimes silently, sometimes not - from the dry, Itchy, chafing caused by kissing a man with a Mo. More commonly known as Pash Rash.
Listening to the cries of Mo Bro partners, Movember is releasing the world's first dedicated 'pash rash' treatment - Movember Rain - specially designed to sooth the skin of those who've suffered through a month of prickly pashes.
This cream will be available for purchase for one week only from Movember 25th, with all proceeds going to help Movember in its fight to change the face of men’s health in Australia and around the world.

Click here to purchase now.