22 July 2013

Movember announces $2.5m commitment to mental health initiatives for young men following release of national mental health survey

National survey reveals system failing young men
Where The Money Goes
A scientific study of young men from across Australia launched at Luna Park, Melbourne by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre has identified alarming statistics that suggest our current mental health system is failing young men.

The national survey has revealed that almost 20% or 400,000 young Australian men do not think their life is worth living and that nearly one in ten young men have thought about taking their own life.

Young and Well CRC - Youth Brains Trust member, Tasman Bain, launches survey focused on the mental health of young Australian men.

The survey, made possible thanks to funds raised by Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, identifies new methods of engagement with young men via technology that matches their current behavior online finding that young men with ‘moderate’ to ‘very high’ levels of psychological distress were more likely to talk about problems on the internet, with 66% finding it helpful, and 48% used the internet to find information for a mental health problem.

Young and Well CRC CEO, Associate Professor Jane Burns said the findings from the survey offer an unprecedented opportunity to tailor mental health and wellbeing programs to engage young men at the right time.

“Unfortunately, young men do not seek help and many young men are not using services until they reach crisis point.

“Technology presents our best prospect yet to work directly with young men to create new ways of engagement, new models of care, and greater empowerment for young men in their management of stress and life pressure.”

Jason Hincks, Movember COO said “Movember is committed to supporting collaborative, ground-breaking programs and are proud to be working with Young and Well CRC and beyondblue on this game-changing approach to improving the mental health of young men. I'm also pleased to announce that Movember will commit AUD$2.5 million to collaborative initiatives focused directly on the mental health of young Australian men."

Movember COO Jason Hincks (left) and Young and Well CRC CEO Jane Burns (front carriage) join supporters including Patrick McGorry in riding the scenic railway at Luna Park, emulating lifes ups and downs.