14 September 2012

Movember calls for expressions of interest and request for proposals for prostate cancer registries to help improve health outcomes.

Expressions of Interest
Where The Money Goes
Movember today announced the release of a request for Expressions of Interest and Request for Proposals to establish the Australian Prostate Cancer Clinical Registry (APCCR).
Movember seeks to improve health outcomes for men living with prostate cancer, together with their partners, carers and family. To help achieve this, Movember plans to fund the establishment of the APCCR.
The APCCR will:
  • Monitor, benchmark and publicly report annually on the outcomes of prostate cancer treatment and care
  • Provide risk adjusted, evidence based data to clinicians , hospitals and decision makers
  • Foster research leading to improvement in care and survival
Movember is undertaking two parallel processes:
  • Seeking Expressions of Interest from state and territory organisations to undertake key local APCCR responsibilities (click here to download), and
  • A Request for Proposals from suitably qualified organisations to undertake the APCCR Custodian function (click here to download).
For further information, contact Shannyn Merlo shannyn@movember.com.