20 July 2014

Thanks to your efforts, Australian men like Harry Campbell-Denny are benefiting from an innovative approach to prostate cancer nursing.

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service
Where The Money Goes
Each year around 20,000 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It can be an overwhelming experience to go through and we want to ensure that these blokes are empowered with the absolute best information and care possible during their prostate cancer journey. Enter the prostate cancer specialist nurses. Funded by your Mo growing efforts, these specialists are providing crucial support to these men when they need it most.
Harry Campbell-Denny was born in 1947 in Scotland and came to Australia in 1970 on the 10 pound scheme, spending time in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide before settling in Bendigo with his wife Susan. 
Fast forward to May 2012 and Harry headed to the doctor for the first time in 20 years after starting to cough so badly that he couldn’t get to sleep at night. The doctor wanted to conduct a prostate exam but in typical male fashion Harry put it on the back burner. He felt embarrassed even talking about it, let alone contemplating actually having the procedure. When Harry did eventually head back to the doctor, with Susan by his side, scans showed that Harry had a swollen prostate and it needed to be removed. 
Harry first met Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Dave Heath at Bendigo Health Hospital when he went in for the pre-op assessment, receiving information on prostate cancer and what happens before, during and after the surgery. The two have been in constant contact since.
"I hate to think what it would have been like without Dave’s help. He would pop in and see me every day."
“The level of care in Bendigo has been fantastic and Dave has made everything easier by helping in so many ways; from providing me with information to help deal with my diagnosis, explaining treatment options, checking blood results and asking about my state of mental health. Dave’s been so upbeat and positive which makes me stay positive throughout this journey.” 
In 2011 The Movember Foundation, in partnership with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), identified a gap in the service men were being offered once diagnosed with prostate cancer – namely a distinct lack of information and resources. Identification of this gap led to the launch of the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service in 2012, a pilot program powered by $3.6 million raised by your Mo growing and fundraising efforts.The service funds the placement of 12 nurses nationwide with a total of 5,732 patient contacts occurring during the first year of the service’s operation. The program was deemed so important that the Federal Government has invested $7.2 million, enabling the program to double in size. 
Thankfully Harry’s results are now looking good following the prostatectomy and Susan no longer accompanies Harry on his visits to the hospital. 
"Susan doesn’t come to my check-ups anymore. She’s very happy that Dave is there and I’m in good hands.
I’m so glad we came to Bendigo."
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