1 October 2014

Like tight leather pants & big hair, music & moustaches have always gone together. 

Top 10 Music Mo's
Whether it’s throwing a TV from a hotel window for no reason at all or requesting a bowl of M&M’s with all of the brown ones removed, the world of rock ‘n roll is known to be full of weird and wonderful characters - many who rock a Mo. 
Some say it is the Mo that maketh the music but we’ll let you be the judge: 
Freddie Mercury
Perhaps one of the most iconic Mo’s of all time, music or otherwise,. Watch the great man with an entire Wembley Stadium in the palm of his hand. Mo tingling.
Frank Zappa
An awesome Mo, a musical legend and an intensely creative animal. Take a look at this piece of epic musicality to see Zappa’s Mo putting the rock into rock ‘n roll.

Phil Lynott – Thin Lizzy 
Any bloke that rocks a Mo and an afro is alright by us. Add to that the fact that this Mo Bro is responsible for The Boys are Back in Town and this is one guy who hass sky rocketed into legend-hairy status. Phil Lynott, a Mo gone before his time.
James Hetfield - Metallica
Yeeeeaaaahhhhh. Any heavy music fan will have a favourite Metallica song. And every Metallica fan will remember that awesome period in the 80s when lead singer James Hetfield put the Mo into metal by rocking a moustache. Got a spare 7 odd minutes at work today? Sit back and soak up some old fashioned awesome.
Weird Al Yankovic
A curly mullet and a Mo - some would say that’s a match made in heaven. For Weird Al Yankovic it was a look that he owned and rocked throughout the 80s while pumping out more classic parody songs than you could poke a Mo at.  

Derek Smalls – Spinal Tap
No list would be complete without acknowledging Derek Small and his fine facial fur. Take a look at him in a classic clip. There may or may not be a cucumber down the front of his trousers.
John Oates – Hall & Oates
The 80s were heady days for music and moustaches alike. Leading the Mo charge at the top of the charts were the almighty Hall & Oates. Take a mo-ment to check out John Oates bringing a touch of class to the duo with his Mo and mullet combo.  
Jimi Hendrix
The greatest guitarist of all time? Quite possibly. One of the coolest Mo’s of the 60s? Definitely. Jimi Hendrix rocked harder than most but brought a level soulfulness to electric guitar that few have gotten close to since. Enjoy.  
Lionel Richie
Leather pants, a mullet and a Mo combined with the smooth sultry sounds of Lionel – it speaks for itself really. We can’t be held responsible for any Mo babies born in nine months’ time. You can thank us later.
Jesse ‘the Devil’ Hughes – Eagles of Death Metal
When a man’s nickname is ‘The Devil’ you know that he is one serious cat. When that man is rocking a kick-ass Mo then you know that there’s more to this guy than just a cute moniker. Killer video reminding us that the Mo always gets the girl.
Honorable mentions go to: 
David Crosby
Little Richard 
The Village People
Carlos Santana
Anthony Keidis
Sonny Bono
Who are your favourite moustachioed musos? Let us know below in the comments.