4 November 2014

Tom Windsor is a Mo Bro who knows how to harness the power of the moustache to ignite the Hobart community. We headed south to find out what makes his Mo tick.

Tom Windsor - Mobart Mo Bros
As Team Captain, Tom Windsor  has sat at the helm of the Mobart Mo Bros  for the past nine years. It is a team of committed Mo Bros and Mo Sistas from Tassie’s capital, Mobart and they have a track record of raising some serious cash and having some serious fun, in the name of men’s health. 
Tom recently took some time out from grooming his Mo to chat to us about all things Mobart.

Movember: How did you originally get involved with Movember?

Tom: Back in 2006, a good friend of mine contacted me and said that we should get a bunch of guys to grow Mo’s to support a great cause (Movember) and do something positive for men’s health. This happened to be about 12 months after my dad passed away from depression, so it was very relevant to me. 

We spent a bit of time throwing around a few different team names before settling on Mobart Mo Bros. It was perfect and has stuck to this very day.

Movember: How did you get your mates involved and motivate them to join your team?
Tom: My mates had always been really supportive in regard to my experience with mental illness and the way it had affected my family. Doing something fun like growing a Mo was almost a relief. My friends had struggled at times to know how to support me and this was a great, light-hearted way to show that we believed in the cause and it gave us the ability to do something about it. 

Movember: Last year you had 81 Mobart Mo Bro team members. How do you consistently keep the troops Mo-tivated throughout the month?

Tom: Each year the team is made up of different Mo Bros and Mo Sistas – some return year on year but others are new. So many people are effected by different men’s health issues and are joining us for their own reasons so I never have to look too far for willing team members. 

Movember: How do you get the wider Mobart community involved during the hairiest month of the year?

Tom: My family and friends are an incredible support. I’ve been doing it for nine years and there’s a new rock star every year alongside the blokes that do it year in year out. We get an incredible amount of support from local businesses, community groups and media. I think that highlights how important the cause is and reaffirms the need for it. 

Movember: Tasmania’s Point to Pinnacle run is a key event on the Movember calendar. How do the Mobart Mo Bros get involved with this?

Tom: In the early days we’d do a run from Launceston to Mobart, covering about 200 kilometers, running two kilometers at a time passing the Mo baton. As the event grew logistics became a bit unsafe on the state’s highways so we set a new challenge and decided we’d run up Mt Wellington to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. The Point to Pinnacle was an already established fun run but we had a chat with the organiser, who happened to be battling prostate cancer at the time. We got Movember to be the chosen charity for the event that year and our level of involvement has grown since then. We’ve become ambassadors for the event, we’re ‘the people’s half marathon runners’ and a big part of the day. A bunch of battlers, who add to the atmosphere. 

Movember: What’s your battle plan when prepping for the event? 
Tom: Waking up every morning and having a staring competition at the mountain is definitely a motivation to train and prepare to tackle the Point to Pinnacle. The consumption of gummi bears and snakes is also very important for your trip up the hill. 

Movember: There’s a great photo from last year of a Movember MINI at the top of the mountain surrounded by snow. How do you feel about these cold conditions?

Tom: We’ve got pretty harsh conditions down here in Tassie. Good Mo growing conditions. Arctic air really helps get your Mo bushy - some would say it’s altitude training for your Mo.

Movember: If half marathons aren’t your thing, Mobart is also home to the Tour de Mo ride - talk us through that event.

Tom: The Tour de Mo was the brainchild of George Friend, a veteran Mobart Mo Bro, who had the idea of an event to complement the team’s growing interest in cycling and their love of the Tour de France. The Tour’s now in its third year and growing quickly.


Movember: The Mobart Gala Parte is renowned as a great way to see the month out in style. Fill us in on the history of that great event.

Tom: The Hobart Gala is where Tasmania’s weird and wonderful Mo’s come together to celebrate 30 days and nights well grown. In the way that MONA has brought out the best in Tasmania’s art community, the Gala does the same for the Mo community. You see some pretty different things at the event and will never be the same again.

Movember: Last year the Mobart Mo Bros team raised over $50k to become the fourth highest fundraising team in the nation. What’s your secret?
Tom: Without trying to sound like a wanker - dare to dream big, don’t be afraid to go for $50k and you’ll be surprised how your community will support you. It’s not us that raises all this money, it’s the community. It all ties back to the cause.
Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Tom. Thank you for all of your hairy efforts.