6 November 2014

History has shown that great sporting achievements and moustaches go hand in hand. 

Classic Sporting Mo's

Merv Hughes

Former Australian Cricketer

Whether it was stretching on the boundary or sticking his tongue in Alan Border’s ear, this Australian fast bowler, also known as Swervin’ Mervin, brought the Mo and the fun, to cricket. It was once rumoured that Merv had insured his Mo for £200,000 – a rumour later proven to be false.

Hulk Hogan

Professional Wrestler

Who says that wrestling’s not a proper sport? No one here at Movember, and certainly no one whothat would dare say it to Hulk Hogan’s face. With a professional career spanning five decades, Hogan and his Mo are widely considered one of the greatest professional wrestling duos of all time.

David Boon

Former Australian Cricketer

Boonie….What a man, what a moustache. Rocking a massive Mo no doubt helped Boonie score over 7,000 runs at Test level, whilst making over 100 appearances for both the Test and One Day International Australian side. An achievement so great, this Mo was made a member of the Order of the British Empire and has been immortalised in the Sport Australian Hall of Fame.

Robert Dipierdomenico

Former Australian Rules Footballer

Pictured here next to an outrageous mullet modelled by Dermott Brereton. Mo Mentor, the Big Dipper, took the moustache all the way to the top, taking part in five premierships for Hawthorn and taking home a Brownlow Medal during his career.

Max Walker

Mo Mentor and Former Australian Cricketer

Not content with simply dominating the footy field playing VFL, this Mo also spent 13 years playing first class cricket with Victoria and Australia. Originally from Mobart, Tasmania, the great man is Mo royalty.

Rollie Fingers

Former American Baseballer

Rollie Fingers is one principled Mo. Originally having grown his moustache for a $300 bonus, this Mo Bro steadfastly stood by his Mo throughout his 17 year career, refusing to play for the Cincinnati Reds who had a policy that all of their players must be clean shaven. The man and his Mo were iconducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. Mo respect.

Dennis Lillee

Former Australian Cricketer

A member of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame, and certainly the Mo Hall of Fame, Lillee has been rated as the most "outstanding fast bowler of his generation” – an achievement which could be attributed to the aero dynamic nature of his Mo. Lillee was known for his fiery temperament, 'never-say-die' attitude and (most importantly) his moustache.

Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins

Australian Rugby Player

Nick Cummins is a modern day Mo sporting icon. These days he's tearing up the field in Japan or for the Barbarions and we can’t get enough of him, his Mo or his awesome Aussie quotes. This is one Mo that’s “going off like a raw prawn”.

David Seaman

Former English Professional Footballer

A moustache and a pony tail, not everyone can pull off such a high maintenance look but English soccer goalie David Seaman did it with style. With a career boasting three League championships, four FA Cups, two World Cups, and an Order of the British Empire (to name just a few highlights) this moustache is always first picked in our Mo soccer dream team.

Mark Spitz

Former American Swimmer

Mark Spitz on his Mo: “it deflects water away from my mouth, allows my rear end to rise and make me bullet-shaped in the water, and that's what had allowed me to swim so great.' A nine time Olympic champion, and former world record holder – the proof is in the pudding really… Mo’s make winners.

Carlos Valderrama

Former Columbian Footballer

Iconic haircut and an iconic Mo. Carlos Valderrama is not only one of Colombia’s finest soccer exports but also one of the finest exponents of the afro / Mo combo in sporting history. The duo were officially given legendary status in 2004 when they were inducted into the FIFA 100 list of greatest living footballers.

Nigel Mansell

Former Formula One Driver

With a racing career spanning 17 seasons, this high speed Mo remains the most successful British F1 driver of all time. Another fine example of the aero dynamic benefits of a donning a moustache.

This list is but the tip of the Mo iceberg when it comes to Mo’s in sport. Who are your favourite sporting Mo’s? Who have we missed? Let us know below in the comments.