24 November 2014

United by a passion for surfing, moustaches and a commitment to men’s health, the Mo-Rilla community embrace Movember each year – with phenomenal results. 

Having Fun and Doing Good - The Mo-Rilla Story
Each Movember, the NSW seaside town of Warilla (also known as Mo-Rilla), sees an influx of moustaches on the streets and in the surf, thanks to the efforts of local Mo Bros and Mo Sistas committed to uniting their community in honour of the moustache. 
With a series of community events held throughout the month, there is a way for everyone to jump on board, 30 days well grown culminating in the ultimate grass roots gathering – the Movember in Mo-Rilla old school, single fin surf event. 
Leading the charge is Mo-Rilla team captain and Mo Bro, Rob Piper, whose efforts have resulted in some phenomenal results for men’s health – last year alone the team raised $24,769. 
We had a chat with Rob to get the inside word on the success of Mo-Rilla and some tips on getting the local community involved:

Movember: Rob, how did you get involved in Movember?

Rob: It started back when we were in London in 2005. I’d heard a whisper about Movember, so threw a party and grew a Mo but didn’t raise any cash. However, the second year we hired a pub and raised £1,000 with an Aussie/Kiwi crew. While that was unfolding a mate and I got talking about incorporating Movember into our single fin surf comp back home. 

Movember: Talk us through the Mo-Rilla Single-Fin Classic.

Rob: Back in the day a couple of mates decided to get some old boys down the beach and have a muck around surf comp and a laugh. When we came back from London we decided to kick it off - retro boards only, board shorts, and no leashes. It’s all about doing old school moves. We try to make sure that the best surfer on the day doesn’t always win.It’s been quite good to watch because it encourages others to get involved. Guys and girls go in the comp who’ve never surfed and pull off big scores, 8’s and 9’s, just for having a go.

Movember: What’s the break like at Warilla beach?

Rob: We’ve been so lucky. We hold the single-fin comp down the southern end of the beach, the old surf club end. We just go back there every year and it always produces something for us. We don’t need it big, we just want it to be fun.

Movember: How do you get the community vibe cranking during Movember?

Rob: It started off just as the mates with a presentation in someone’s backyard. While this was happening the local pub got involved in Movember as well and we thought ‘we should be doing this together.’ There was an old bloke, Gaz, with a massive Mo that he’d had since he was 19 and he ended up shaving it off. The pub factor and the community factor combined took the whole thing to the next level. 

Movember: What events are part of the Mo-Rilla Movember experience?

Rob: We try to follow the Movember format with a launch BBQ at the start of the month. Get people to make a donation and let them know what’s happening. Then we’ll have a dinner night where a lot of parents and the older crew will turn up. Live music, lots of raffles. 

Movember: What are some fundraising tips for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas?

Rob: Create something fun and the money kind of follows on from there. Get heaps of sponsors and people turn up. People are having fun, they know it’s for a good cause and the donation buckets start overflowing. When people feel involved they’re often happy to put some money in and be a part of it. 

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