7 December 2014

Mo's from all walks of life rallied around the moustache for men's health. Take a look at some of the highlights from the month.

More Mo's Around the World
In the last edition of Mo’s around the world we focused on all the surprising places the moustache has appeared– streets, buildings, modes of transportation, but this time we are highlighting Mo’s like you who have committed to change their appearance to change the face of men’s health.

This year we have more than 700,000 people participating in Movember. 700,000 is a lot, but let’s put in perspective: It’s 200,000 more people than attended the famous 3 day Woodstock festival in 1969. It’s 10 times the number of people who attended LiveAid, considered to be one of the greatest concerts in history. If Movember were a country, our 700,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas would be make it the 167th most populous out of 247 countries in the world.

While we don’t all live in the same place, Movember is full of rock stars who are united by a common purpose, we have fun while doing good. All Mo Bros and Mo Sistas deserve to be recognized and applauded for your dedication.

We’ve seen some impressive moustaches this month, ranging from rangas to snow Mo’s, but these animals are the most outrageous…and head turning.

On the field:

No matter the sport, no matter the team, we have a Mo Bro you can barrack for. With so many participants from across various codes, it’s like our own Mo-lympics.

This Moustache Season has seen a record number of Mo athletes, office staff, coaches, supporters and fans from numerous teams in different sporting leagues and associations, including cricket, AFL, soccer, rugby, European football clubs, American football, surfing, snowboarding, basketball and ice hockey. Many stories have been shared around the office water cooler about which athletes are participating, here are a few sporting Mo's out of the many around the world.

Line one L to R: Chris Phillips, Blake Griffin, Eddie Lacy, Nate Yeomans, George Parros, Ryan Miller, Eva Samkova, Shea Emry, Frederik van Lierde, Seppe Smits.
Line two L to R: Eric Decker, Neil Evertt, Antonín Panenka, Jay Onrait, Richie McCaw, Petr Kuchar, Zemgus Girgensons, Dan O'Toole, Ruth Beitia, Martin Sonka.

Let’s get animated

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a real moustache on a true Mo Bro, but we also get a tingle when we see some of the most iconic icons grow a Mo too. From TV shows to books and steak sauce to paper towels (to clean the crumbs from your Mo) Movember has graced the faces of many brands. We are thrilled by the support, and think these guys look dashing too.  

From L to R: Mr. Mo, Sterling Archer, HP Sauce and the Brawny Man

The support from around the world has been incredible. It’s important to remember that awareness is only half the battle. To carry on making a significant impact on the face of men’s health we need to continue our work as a strategic funder, funding innovative, world-class programs in the 21 countries we serve.

Thank you for supporting and participating as we continue to work towards our goal of changing the face of men’s health.

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