22 March 2015

The Mo does it again. Movember Foundation ranks 72nd out of Top 500 NGOs.

The Movember Foundation ranked 72 out of top 500 NGOs
Mo's around the world can feel proud at leaving a hairy mark on the charity world. Thanks to your dedication, passion and Mo growing and supporting efforts the Movember Foundation has been selected as one of the top NGOs (non-governmental organisations) for the third time running by Global Geneva*. The Foundation has risen up the ranks from 79th to an impressive 72nd place; this is especially significant, as the list has expanded from being the top 100 NGOs to the top 500. 

But what does this all mean? It provides you with the assurance that funds raised are being used in world-class, innovative men’s health programs, research and services while retaining the values that are the basis of everything that we do here at the Movember Foundation. 

Some words from our Chief Mo Bro Adam Garone, Movember Foundation CEO and Co-founder: “It's humbling to be ranked 72nd in the world among such a prestigious group of organisations. We firmly believe this achievement is a reflection of our vision to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health, of our commitment to our values and to the dedication of the Movember family.

Thanks to you, your Mo’s, your family, your friends, your workmates and all those who gave your Mo a chance, we've been able to get this far and rock the charity world. However, there’s more work to be done and we’ll continue to make an impact, innovate, be transparent, accountable and make 2015 the most successful and significant year yet for the Movember Foundation. Join us in making this happen.

*Global Geneva are an international body monitoring the international non-profit community for ideas, values, and models that challenge normal approaches to policy and NGO activity.

The methodology used for the Top 500 NGOs ranking can be found here.