25 May 2015

Aydan Collins is a testicular cancer survivor running the 10km at Run Melbourne this July.

Mo Running
Aydan Collins is a man on a mission to raise funds and awareness for men's health. As a testicular cancer survivor, he has chosen to pound the pavement as a Champion Runner for the Movember Foundation at the upcoming Run Melbourne. 

Traditionally we’ve challenged men to grow moustaches during Movember to spark conversation and raise vital funds for our men’s health programs. Now we’re throwing down an additional challenge – MOVE. And moving is what Aydan is all about.

You too can join the Movember Foundation at Run Melbourne as either a general fundraiser or a Champion Runner

Champion Runners like Aydan commit to raising $1,000 and receive:
• Free event registration.
• A position in a start wave dedicated to Champion Runners.
• Detailed training support, including training guides.
• A personalised running bib.
• A Movember kit including sweatband, cap, t-shirt and razor.

We sat down with Aydan to chat balls, running and shaving your legs.

Movember: Have you done much running in the past?

Aydan: I have. I kind of stopped for a bit so it will be interesting to see if I can still do it. I did running at school, I’ve done one 10km but no further than that. 

Movember: What made you want to raise funds for the Movember Foundation as a Champion Runner?

Aydan: I’m running for the Movember Foundation because I’d like to raise more awareness for testicular cancer. In my naivety I only thought Movember was a charity during November but I now know it’s an organisation that relates exactly to what I went through with testicular cancer. In hindsight I wish I’d known it was a Foundation working year-round. 

Movember: When were you diagnosed with testicular cancer?

Aydan: I got diagnosed last December. I just got a pain in my testicle and went to the doctor. He examined me and said everything was fine but I should get an ultrasound if I wanted. I’m glad I got that ultrasound.

Movember: Your sonographer told you that not many guys get themselves checked. Why do you think that is?

Aydan: I guess it’s either a mix of fear or maybe pride. I think it goes back to the fact that it’s your penis and testicles and it’s weird to get it all out and have people look at it.   

Movember: I read on your Run Melbourne page that one of your mates wants you to shave your legs. What are the odds?

Aydan: It would take a good couple of razors to do it haha. I’m very hairy.

Movember: You’ve already raised over $2,000, are the pins getting a shave?

Aydan: Yup, painful for me but funny for my mates.

Movember: Have you got a time that you’re looking to do the run in?

Aydan: I’d love to do it under an hour. 

Movember: What’s next? 

Aydan: I’m enjoying the training a lot. My friends have all signed up and are running with me. I’d also like to do some more charitable work around testicular cancer as I don’t feel like there’s enough information out there about it. 

I’m growing a Mo now for the race and I’ll definitely be growing again this Movember.

Movember: Can’t wait to see you and your Mo at Run Melbourne. We’ll be cheering for you.

Click here to find out how you can run for the Movember Foundation.