17 July 2015

Pioneering physical health development in men with prostate cancer

TrueNTH Australia’s Exercise Program
Where The Money Goes

TrueNTH is the world’s largest single investment made by the Movember Foundation in prostate cancer care and services. Men with prostate cancer and their families can access information, care and support focused on improving their quality of life through TrueNTH Care Coordinators.

TrueNTH has been launched in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the US. As part of TrueNTH Australia, we worked with Prof. Robert Newton and his team at Edith Cowan University to video the experiences of men with prostate cancer who are feeling physically and mentally better thanks to a tailored fitness regime. 

Here are two examples of the videos available to men online as part of a patient resource – how to use the pec deck machine and how to perform a seated row on the cable machine. What resonated the most with men on the program was the camaraderie involved in going to the gym together which has led to lasting friendships.This is described firsthand through Mo Bro Lee’s experience of being on the program.