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Australian comedian Ben Russell sits in a plush chair.
A therapist and patient sit opposite each other in chairs and talk.
6 June 2023

What is Therapy? Movember celebrates Men’s Health Week with new video series

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Leading men’s health charity Movember is kicking off Men’s Health Week early this year, leaning into the 2023 ‘Healthy Habits’ theme, with the launch of a world-first video series titled What is Therapy? The hilarious five-part series aims to break down common misconceptions about therapy; demystifying the treatment process and encouraging guys out there to give it a go.

Demystifying therapy

While more men than ever are motivated to reach out for mental health support, many are entering a system they have no idea how to navigate, with overwhelming barriers that they struggle to overcome. This series aims to curb a recent Movember finding that 45% of guys drop out early after seeking help, by offering a unique glimpse under the hood of therapy to set them up for success. 'What is Therapy?' seeks to challenge age-old stereotypes of therapy head-on, answering some burning questions about the ins and outs of the process; what it entails, how it can change your life, and most importantly, where you can get support. Because contrary to popular belief, therapy is not all ‘lie down on my couch and tell me about your mother’.

" The only thing you really need to know about therapy is that it's f*cking excellent. "

“Therapy comes in so many shapes and sizes, but the exact shape that therapy takes is irrelevant if it provides a space where you can learn to better understand yourself, your strengths and what makes you tick. It’s about developing practical life skills for self-care,” says Dr Zac Seidler, clinical psychologist, and Movember Director of Mental Health Training.

Challenging stereotypes

Of course, there are barriers to entry. Finding the right therapist can be difficult, wait times can be long, and it can get expensive. But with Men's Health Week around the corner, Movember are hoping this series can make clear to men that early investment in yourself is worth it, for yourself, and for those around you. For too long, the expectation has been that men should just reach out and open up, but it’s about time the system learns to adapt and respond to men’s needs, to ensure they get the support they need.

We need to engage men in treatment more meaningfully and more effectively, so that they feel empowered to take charge of their mental health and well-being. What is Therapy? aims to do just that. Each episode features candid conversations with therapists and men who have experienced the transformative power of therapy.

Clearing the path to support

The series is narrated by Australian comedian Ben Russell and features:

  • Candid conversations: By sharing personal stories, the series aims to inspire and encourage men to seek therapy as a tool for personal growth and well-being. Sharing a diverse range of mental health experiences, challenges, and triumphs, in a safe and open space.
  • Expert insights: Zac Seidler, clinical psychologist, leading men's mental health expert and Movember Director of Mental Health Training, provides valuable insights and advice throughout the series, offering guidance on help-seeking behaviour and effective communication. His expertise helps viewers gain a better understanding of therapy's potential benefits.
  • Practical information: Each episode, viewers will dive deeper into the world of therapy, helping them set clear expectations and eliminate some common barriers to entry.

Creating an inclusive space

What is Therapy? aims to create a supportive and inclusive space where men feel encouraged to prioritize their mental well-being. By sharing diverse perspectives and experiences, the series seeks to normalize therapy as a valuable resource for men.

The video series is available for streaming on the Movember Conversation’s website and is complemented with additional resources and articles, to provide further support and information for men seeking to enhance their mental well-being. It is part of a larger, comprehensive resource breaking down the entire therapy process for guys out there, with what to expect and how to get started. This includes guidance for the people supporting men too, such as partners, family and friends, with advice on how to best encourage a guy to seek help.