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Mo Bro Chris & Mo Sister Lila
11 October 2022

What's dollar matching and how do I get it?

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Speed. Invisibility. Astral travel. The list of dreamed-of superpowers is long and just plain peculiar (FYI, Stan Lee always said the greatest superpower was luck). When it comes to good deeds, you too might have a secret superpower. Especially if you work for an organisation or company.


Your superpower could be dollar matching. Many organisations, big and small, offer this as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Basically, they match your donation or funds raised for a worthy cause. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, euro for euro.

If you’ve received donations from workmates or colleagues in other businesses, let them know about dollar matching. They might be able to claim it, too. Dollar matching can make your fundraising twice as legendary and give your company a special warm and fuzzy feeling.


Your workplace may offer dollar matching, even if no one’s mentioned it. It’s easy to find out. Just ask your manager or someone in HR whether they do it (it's sometimes called gift matching or internal giving). Some places are even known to triple donations.

If you don’t ask, you won’t know. In fact, we’ve had people tell us they didn’t ask until their fifth Movember. That’s four years of missed dollar matching. Imagine how much good could have been done with those extra much-needed funds.


While you’re at it, why not find out what your company encourages for office fundraising? Hold an end-of-month Shave Down event with your colleagues. Organise a table tennis competition. Run an office trivia. Host an office ‘Lunch ‘n Learn’ about men’s health. They might even offer paid days off for employees to volunteer for non-profit causes. It can’t hurt to pose the question.

If you find asking about dollar matching or office fundraising a bit tricky, then here’s a tip. Start by telling your manager that you’re taking part in Movember. Ask if you can pin up some posters, send an email or post on your company’s intranet. After you’ve broken the ice, lean in and, nice and casual-like, toss them the question. We know you’ll do us proud.

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