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23 August 2021

Why Movember is good for your workplace

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With the Movember countdown on, businesses across Australia are gearing up to Grow, Move, Host and Mo Your Own Way to raise funds and help change the face of men’s health. To showcase the impact and results that Movember can have on a workplace, we have commissioned a global survey and taken a deep dive into one of our participating businesses.

Movember has become tradition at Ernst & Young (EY), with the graduate cohort of each year inheriting ownership of the campaign. What remains consistent is EY’s focus on teamwork and fun – they even cheekily allow their most follically challenged a bit of a head start on their Mo growth, coined the ‘Early Bird Special’ (we didn’t hear that).

Since 2017 the team at EY have raised over $140,000. Beyond fundraising, the team captains publish a weekly newsletter throughout Movember to spotlight the best fundraising efforts – boasting Mo growth (or lack of) updates, kilometres moved, events hosted, and dollars raised. The newsletter was a great way to keep people connected and have a laugh, which is especially needed for those states working virtually due to COVID-19.

An honourable mention must go to the EY crew in Melbourne, who in 2019 lit up their building in the CBD with a giant Mo - epic.

If this has got those business whiskers twitching with excitement, then here’s how to get involved. You can set-up your own business/workplace fundraising team and go head-to-head with other organisations - nothing like a bit of friendly fire, through our Industry Challenges page. Show ‘em who’s boss by raising the most and getting as many people as you can to sign up and Mo (anyway they like) this Movember.

If your competitive side isn’t taking over, we’ve got some cold hard stats to convince you why doing Movember is good for you, your workplace and Aussie men.

" A global survey commissioned by Movember showed that men who take part in Movember’s annual fundraising are more likely to report better mental health and wellbeing than the general male population. "

The global survey of 7,162 men (3,043 Australians), comparing Movember’s database of fundraisers with a nationally representative sample of the general male population online (sampled by YouGov), found that Movember fundraisers are more likely to admit when they are struggling with their mental health and to seek help when they need it - which can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing.

Over two fifths (43.5%) of Mo Bros said they had confided in a friend about their problems (compared with 18.3% from the general male population that had confided with a friend, colleague or family member) while nearly three in 10 (28.2%) have spoken to a healthcare professional about their mental health, all within the last year (compared with 16.1% of males from the general male population).

The results also showed that Movember supporters tend to be more physically active, better understand the risk factors for prostate cancer and are more likely to carry out testicular self-examination checks than those who did not take part in the campaign. Over a third (37%) of Mo Bros exercised at least 20 times in the last month (compared with 22.2% % of the general male population who say they have been physically active for 30 minutes or more, more than 20 times).

Through fundraising for Movember, EY for example, have been able to bring their broader organisation together through havin' fun, doin' good and most importantly raise awareness and start conversations about men’s health. We look forward to welcoming new and old businesses this year and to an even bigger and hairier 2021.

If you’re an Aussie based business and would like further details please contact our Mo Sister and epic corporate fundraising legend Emily -  emily.massey@movember.com.