NFTs that could save a life

Introducing Non-Fungible Testicles. Not just another NFT. The first NFT that can save a life.

Testicular cancer is treatable and highly curable when caught early, but most guys don’t know how to check themselves. To get you in that habit, Non-Fungible Testicles reward you for checking on them, unlocking rare bonus traits.

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A graphic showing eight Movember NFTs, each with different traits.

The team

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The Movember moustache logo.
Movember Logo

The leading charity changing the face of men’s health, Movember is taking on testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention, and prostate cancer worldwide to help all men live happier, healthier, longer lives.


The Mishka eyeball logo.
Mishka Logo

Streetwear and lifestyle brand with Brooklyn roots and a global following, MISHKA NYC is renowned for its playful punk-inspired designs. Now making waves in the metaverse behind the creative force of artists Greg Rivera and Mike Jones.

Frequently asked questions

What are Non‑Fungible Testicles?

Our Non‑Fungible Testicles are the first NFTs to reward you for regularly checking your balls — just like you should do IRL. Testicular cancer is treatable and highly curable when caught early, but familiarizing yourself with your body is the key to noticing changes.

This collab with street artist MISHKA NYC encourages you to get in that habit of checking. Users are rewarded for checking their Non‑Fungible Testicles with super-secret, ultra-rare traits, but take your eye off the ball and traits may drop.

Curious about what a regular NFT is? Read a beginner’s guide.

Why do I need to check my balls IRL?

Checking your testicles regularly helps you get to know what feels normal and act if something changes. Learn more at

What is a Solana wallet?

A wallet (aka crypto wallet) is a place to store digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrency. Our Non‑Fungible Testicles NFTs are built on the Solana blockchain, so you’ll need to set up a Solana-based wallet. We recommend the Phantom wallet as a great place to start. It is available for both mobile and desktop.

When does minting begin?

The mint begins on April 26 at 3 pm EST. Earliest users have the best chance to unlock bonuses and surprises along the way. After July 3, the game is complete and no more changes will be made to your Non‑Fungible Testicles.

How does the game work?

The basis of our game is a 72-hour check-in window that happens twice. Completing both check-ins allows you to unlock bonus traits, but missing check-ins will cause your Non‑Fungible Testicles to lose traits. Our checks are confirmed with a button on your profile page when the check-in window is open. We will make sure to send you a notification (via email or Discord) to help keep your eye on the ball.

Throughout the game, you can opt to decline any bonus traits received if you don’t want to change your Non‑Fungible Testicles. During our last 72-hour check-in window, any bonuses must also be confirmed or denied. After the game ends on July 3, all NFTs are permanently locked.

What happens if I don’t check my NFT during the game month?

IRL, you should give yourself a feel every now and then. To get you in the habit, each month of the game there will be a 72-hour check-in window for your Non‑Fungible Testicles. If you don’t check, traits will begin to drop. Which trait drops is random and non‑reversible.

What happens if I mint or buy/trade after the first check?

Because our goal is to get you in the habit of checking your balls IRL, users who complete two checks are in the best position for bonus trait. A mint/sale/trade that happens after the first check-in, regardless of if the check-in was completed, will not be rewarded as heavily. So it’s important to get in early.

How many Non‑Fungible Testicles can I mint?

You can mint as many as you want. You just have to get one Non-Fungible Testicles at a time.

What is the mint price?

.8 SOL

What is the supply?


Who benefits from the money raised?

Proceeds from the mint will help fund Movember’s critical work in men’s health. Take a look at the projects Movember supports throughout the world.

Can I donate without minting an NFT?

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes! You can buy, sell, and trade Non‑Fungible Testicles NFTs on the secondary market. A 10% residual from each sale goes back to Movember to help further fund men’s health projects.

How do the game rules apply to resold NFTs?

The new owner must continue to play by the game rules until the end on July 3.