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Rebel FM
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Target: $3,000
Amount raised last year: $6,282

Our Mo-tivation

Welcome to the Rebel Team, once you join, can you please email me, I'd love to welcome you personally to the team.

Come on Mo-Bro's & Mo-Sista's, lets all be part of the greatest month for Men,
let's stop men dying, let's get men talking and let's support the men in our lives (our Brothers, Husbands, Fathers,Uncles) and the all men who may feel there is nobody there for them, there always is, there is the Mo-Bro's and theMo-Sistas, all with big hearts and we are here to help wher

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Team Moves

0 km / 60 km

We are looking to get into the physical side and hope that the Mo-sista will use this. So please make sure you put some activity into your profile, it could be walk 2ks a day


Stop Men Dying Too Young

The Movember Foundation is saving and improving men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

It only happens because of people like you.


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