Kelvin Dawson
19  year  Mo Bro


Target: $400
raised $1,225 since 2004
My motivation
Fundraising for cause areas including:
Men's health
Mental health and suicide prevention

I’m back at it again this year!
COVID-19 has isolated so many guys even if they weren’t in lockdown. Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their thoughts to themselves, and struggling in silence.

Seemingly Happy guys are feeling that soldiering on is harder than it used to be. Sometimes they are completely unaware of the behavioral change, until one day they suddenly realise they aren’t the person who they used to be. They aren’t who they want to be and they don’t remember where it all went wrong.

Lack of sleep, loss of employment, weight gain, depression, or the shock when your doctor tells you the routine tests and scans show something unusual.

Help is available.

We just need to get it to those people suffering in silence much earlier and in a more meaningful way.

The Movember Foundation is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and I want to continue to help them get there.

Help me stop men dying too young.

How I'm
getting involved
Springfield Mo-Men
Team captain Paul Kirwan
$0 Team funds raised
0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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115 Week(s) Ago

A quick start to Movember was derailed last Tuesday night right at the end of rock n roll downhill on the Jump Street tabletop. Despite landing head first on the flat, I did set an all-time personal distance record of 16.5m (not sure it really counts though).

I'm glad I have never skimped on my helmets. My Giro Ionos has served (and saved) me well since 2011. RIP Helmet.

Movember is back!

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