Death On the NileImage by: 20th Century Studios
27 October 2020

Death On the Nile: A whole host of talent and Mo's on the big screen

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The greatest detective there is - with one of the all-time greatest Mo’s – is back. We are, of course, talking about none other than Hercule Poirot. Once again played by the inimitable Kenneth Branagh and supported by a stellar cast of actors and actresses – and a whole host of moustaches - in the new movie DEATH ON THE NILE, in cinemas soon.

“A complex, architectural masterpiece” is how Russell Brand describes Poirot’s moustache in the latest caper – and we’d have to agree. It is great to see such a wonderful showcase for facial furniture on the big screen and be even a small part of the legend that is Poirot.

We were lucky enough to grab a few moments with stars of the film between shooting scenes to get their thoughts on all things moustaches, their own personal approaches towards facial hair and what Movember means to them. Armie Hammer showed up to filming, fully prepared with a Mo that threatened to hog the limelight and kept having it trimmed until it became a dainty, but no less dashing, thin strip atop his upper lip. We think it really suits you, Armie!

Elsewhere, cast member Tom Bateman laments his character’s lack of moustache, but reminds us “this Movember you can Mo like Poirot” – what an icon to live up to!

" It is great to see such a wonderful showcase for facial furniture on the big screen "

What style will you chose? It’s a very tricky decision. Different styles of Mo work with different styles of fashion. Indeed, as Ali Fazal - who plays Katchadourian – explains; moustaches reflect personality and can even relate to particular regions. All in all – it’s a very important decision that requires a lot of consideration.

Our thanks go to all the cast that took time out from their busy schedules to talk to us. And we urge you all to see the film when it hits the cinemas soon. In the words of Kenneth Branagh, “2020 has been a tough year with challenges to our mental health and wellbeing impacting us all in different ways”.

So, this Movember. Grow a Mo. It might just be the most important one you’ll ever grow.

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