Black & white pic of 3 people in active wear, doing push-ups in a residential driveway.
Some of those 153,000 legends doing the Push-Up Challenge.Image by: Movember
Black & white pic of 3 people in active wear, doing push-ups in a residential driveway.
12 July 2022

192 million push-ups, 153,000 legends, 24 days

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This June, Movember teamed up with The Push-Up Challenge to push for better mental health. Legends from across Australia came together to complete a staggering 3,139 push-ups each, testing their limits over 24 days to raise awareness about mental health and suicide.

The number of push-ups, 3,139, represents the number of Australians who died by suicide in 2020, of which three quarters were men. Collectively, over 192 million push-ups were completed, raising over $10 million (and still counting) for Lifeline, Movember and Push for Better. The three beneficiaries support critical mental health services across Australia – all thanks to the 153,000 Australians who challenged themselves physically and mentally.

Founded in 2017, The Push-Up Challenge is Australia’s largest fitness-based mental health event, offering a fun way for Australians to connect with one another and raise awareness for mental health.

“Watching thousands of people around the country take part in The Push-Up Challenge each year never fails to blow us away,” founder Nick Hudson said of the challenge, which continues to exceed expectations year on year.

“The more we normalise conversations about mental health and suicide through initiatives like The Push-Up Challenge, the more we can break down the stigma associated with mental ill-health and encourage those who need help to seek it early,” he said.

Each day, participants completed a different number of push-ups, which was determined by a mental health statistic. The intention is to educate the community about mental health while helping participants get fit.

Over 33 million push-ups were completed by Mo Bro’s and Mo Sisters for Movember, so thank you to the Mo’s who got involved. Your sore arms and big muscles help Movember deliver life-saving men’s mental health and suicide prevention tools and programs to stop men dying too young.

Rachel Carr, APAC Country Director at Movember said: “Our arms might be sore, but our hearts are certainly full after seeing so many Mo Bro’s and Mo Sisters across the country, flexing some muscle and pushing for better mental health.”

In partnership with The Push-Up Challenge, Movember continues to invest in a wide range of mental health programs that focus on early intervention. By strengthening resilience and building stronger social connections, we can help reduce the risk of suicide.

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