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Industry Challenges

Do you have what it takes to be captain of your industry? During Movember, join one of our Industry Challenges to compete with other fundraisers across your sector and around the country. There are prizes and rewards on offer, plus the chance to claim bragging rights for a year. Check out the Industry Challenges that were on offer in 2016:


A highly competitive battleground for Australia’s bankers, it’s time to put your money where your Mo is. If you work for one of Australia’s banks this is the industry challenge for you.

Financial Services

The home of Australia’s accountants, insurance specialists, fiscal experts and financial gurus, competing to discover who has the most valuable Mo in the industry.



Movember challenges the mining industry to dig deep and go in search of the world’s most valuable natural resource - the moustache! Combining the Mining, Oil & Gas and Natural Resources companies around Australia.


Movember is defending the right to grow Mo's in the workplace and we need your help. For all those working in the legal field it's time to join the Legal Challenge.

Triple Zero

Personnel from Australia’s Emergency Service sector come to the rescue each year in the Triple Zero Challenge. Fire, Ambulance, Police, and SES… we salute you.

Defence Force

Army, Navy or Air Force we’ve got you covered. Rally the troops and fight the good fight with us this year as part of the Defence Force Challenge.



Movember is calling on all levels of government to throw their support by the Mo and push it into power in 2016. It’s time for local councils, shires, public servants and government employees to grow and get moving in the name of men’s health.