Street artist stands holds a spray paint can and looks at mural on wall, which he is painting.
Painting the new Movember mural at 192 Bridge Road, Richmond. Image by: Movember
Street artist stands holds a spray paint can and looks at mural on wall, which he is painting.
Man stands in front of painted street art mural, smiling at camera.
Photo of street art mural being painted by three people, with the words 'Come together, Grow together.'
Man holds spray can as he paints mural
15 November 2023

Street artist Tom Gerrard creates our Movember mural

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Melbourne based artist and Mo Bro, Tom Gerrard, has been creating iconic street art around the city for years. His work already dons the walls of the Movember office and now we are lucky to have his freshest piece yet, our very own Movember styled ‘Come together, Grow together’ street art mural. The artwork provided the backdrop to our recent Movember shave down launch.

Tom sat down with us to talk through his process and ever growing connection with Movember.

How did you start out as an artist? Why is art important to you and your health?

Throughout the 90s and 2000s I spent a lot of time skateboarding and painting on the streets. A lot of my schoolmates were graffiti artists. Through them I was exposed to painting and after decades of painting walls I transitioned into a full time fine artist. I’ve had a lot of different jobs over the years and I know that this is the one for me.

" Painting is very meditative and I get to do it every day. It’s great for my mental health and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. "

Street art is a lot more visible than artwork in galleries. It acts as a billboard for the people and is easier to get a message out to the city. As an artist it’s an opportunity to work at a large scale without the logistical hurdles that come with painting large canvas’.

Why do you choose to support Movember? And tell us the inspiration behind the mural you have painted for Movember?

My artwork and Movember are a match made in heaven. Ever since working with you guys on a project over the pandemic, we have kept up a great relationship and supported each other with art projects and opportunities.

The mural is based on a painting that I have hanging in the Movember head office. I changed it up with the black background as I wanted to go for maximum stand out on Bridge rd. The words ‘Come together, Grow together’ are painted across the top of it. It's a message that has multiple meanings and that anyone can get behind.

I’d like for people to take in the bright colours of the mural and enjoy its scale as they pass it. Hopefully the message resonates and it’s clear that it’s a collaboration between Movember and myself.

What's the story behind the iconic moustachioed characters we see throughout your work?

They have always been something that’s in my artwork. I grew up in a Maltese family and spent a lot of time around my grandfather and his mates in the western suburbs. The classic everyday man of the 80s seeped into my subconscious and I’ve been painting them ever since. I’ve had a go at growing a mo. Unfortunately it’s not for me but I’ll make sure that I’m continuing to spread the magic of the mo with my artwork.

What other cool projects have we to look forward to from you?

In the studio, I’m working on some paintings for some galleries and working a fair bit with ceramics. I also have some mural projects happening in northern NSW. And lots of other paintings happening in between.

To anyone who is slightly interested in art, I recommend drawing daily. It’s a great way to clear your mind and the challenge of regularly facing a blank page really strengthens confidence.

Go check out the Movember mural for yourself at 192 Bridge Road, Richmond. For more of Tom’s amazing work, head to his website.