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MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
MR. MONOPOLY reimagined
25 October 2020


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MR. MONOPOLY gets a moustache makeover for Movember, with exclusive artworks by celebrated Australian street artists being auctioned to raise funds for men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs.


There’s a quiet serenity to the work of this talented street artist, and this piece has all the important trademarks of an iconic Tom Gerrard artwork. In this reimagination, the figure he is famous for takes on the role of MR. MONOPOLY on a stack of bills, artfully telling a story. As one of five kids, boardgames were always around for Tom growing up. He recalls never particularly winning, and the importance of securing all the properties to come out on top which has influenced the narrative of the piece. ‘It’s a scene of someone doing really well at Monopoly – winning. So, it’s me winning Monopoly as a kid,” Gerrard explains.

Tom Gerrard understands the innate contradiction at the heart of his central characters all too well, reflecting, “The guys I portray in my artwork are so carefree about who they are and how they look but at the same time they’re the sort of people who would really back away from opening up and showing any emotion and admitting that they had any issues with mental health.”


Tom Gerrard’s art career started in the mid-90s where his art could be found on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. These days, he’s globally known for painting simplified characters, architecture and nature using a minimal colour palette. The elements that make up his paintings are inspired by people he’s seen and places he’s been.

Tom’s gallery work is an evolution of style and technique that was learned painting on the streets. He has developed his style by using traditional painting mediums mixed with implements he has used for painting on the streets to create a strong and identifiable style that has not only grabbed the attention of large, institutional galleries but also brands and organisations.

Inspired by the stoic men he would sketch while travelling through South America and Spain, Tom Gerrard has gone on to develop an iconic style and character that is known in street art circles the world over.

TOM GERRARD is one of five celebrated Aussie street artists who - alongside Movember Co-founder and Global Brand & Creative Director, Travis Garone - has been given the unique opportunity to reimagine the MR. MONOPOLY character for the first time ever in the game’s 85-year history.

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