The Lifestyle Pioneers push-up for Movember.Image by: Maxim Zukov
The Bailey family pushing up on grass surrounded by trees.
The Bailey family pushing up together on grass in a park.
19 May 2023

The Lifestyle Pioneers take on the Push-Up Challenge for Movember

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Two years ago, my wife Liz, our two sons, and I embarked on a life-changing adventure as a family. Leaving behind our conventional lifestyles, we set out on a journey to travel full-time around the country, seeking new experiences, quality family time, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Setting out on a life-changing adventure

Initially, our plan was a 12-month trip, but the incredible lifestyle we’ve built together on the road made us extend our travels indefinitely. We love sharing our adventures and experiences on our YouTube channel "The Lifestyle Pioneers" and social media platforms along the way. Our growing audience is the driving force behind turning our passion for travel into a business centered around adventure, travel, and lifestyle.

Sharing adventures and giving back

Inspired by our desire to give back, we support various charities with monthly donations, contributing 10% of our YouTube channel revenue. Our focus is on children's and rural charities and mental health organisations. Mental health holds personal significance for me, as it has affected my family and my own experiences. Through our social media presence, we have generated essential donations and raised awareness, leading us to get involved with the well-known Movember campaign, which focuses on men's mental health.

Making an impact with the Push-Up Challenge

One of the ways we have chosen to make an impact is by participating in the Push-Up Challenge with Movember. This challenge allows us to raise funds and awareness in a fun and engaging way while involving our audience. I strongly believe in the connection between physical exercise and mental health; staying physically fit is essential for overall well-being. By sharing my fitness and mental health journey, my goal is to inspire others and break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The relationship between physical and mental health can’t be understated, and the Push-Up Challenge is like mashing two potatoes with one fork.

Career shift and family well-being

Our lifestyle change began with a significant shift in my career path. After working in the construction industry for over a decade, I reached a point where my job was no longer fulfilling and started negatively affecting my well-being. Recognising the need for change, I decided to step away from the corporate ladder and focus on the well-being of my family.

Taking on the primary parenting role, I found fulfilment in spending time with my children and nurturing their love of the outdoors. During this time, I reflected on my values and aspirations. The idea of creating something of our own, a business centered around our shared love for travel, started to take shape.

Living life on their terms and inspiring others

We’ve never felt more balanced and now live life on our terms. We embarked on this journey to inspire, educate, and equip more Aussies to get out and explore life. Whether you’re planning a day trip, a weekend, or the trip of a lifetime, we hope our travel adventures will help inspire your own.

The Push-Up Challenge and how to get involved

3,144 is the number of push-ups to complete in 23 days from June 1st 2023. This number marks the Aussie lives lost to suicide in 2021 – and helps shine a light on the alarming prevalence of male suicide in our country. Every day we lose more than 6 men to suicide in Australia, with males accounting for around three-quarters of national suicides.

Movember is calling on all Australians to come together, get fit and have fun for The Push-Up Challenge. Your support will fund lifesaving mental health and suicide prevention projects that support at-risk men and reduce the rate of suicide – and you'll improve your health and well-being. Together, we can push for better mental health.

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