Better starts with having a conversation

Author: Movember
On International Men’s Day, we encourage men and women to have a conversation about what’s happening in your life. Never underestimate the power of talking to someone you trust…better starts with a conversation.
We’re proud to share expressions of hope and resilience in the fight against men’s mental health problems through inspiring imagery from photographers across the world. This is part of the Better Starts Here gallery created for HeadsUpGuys, a Movember Foundation funded project based at University of British Columbia, Canada. 
“Feeling depressed or anxious always drains my creativity, the colours just seem dull, but when I’m better everything seems to come back to vibrant colours again.”
Joel Robison, Conceptual Photographer, British Columbia, Canada.

HeadsUpGuys is a website which offers men advice and information to take action for men’s mental health problems such as depression – the leading cause of disability worldwide. This is a significant part of the Men’s Depression and Suicide Network, a Canada-wide initiative funded by the Movember Foundation and implemented by the University of British Columbia to develop resources, services, and programs to improve the mental health and wellbeing of men.
Thanks to your donations, we can fund more innovative men’s mental health programs that are easily accessible to men and continue the conversation.