Photo showing scenes of Movember supporters being cheerfully active. Superimposed, big font text says: "Thank you".
Movember 2022: Thank you for changing the face of men's health
The month formerly known as November has come to a close, and with it, over 330,000 rockstar fundraisers rallied together for men’s health. Thank you to our Movember community!

Grow a moustache

Your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

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Move for Movember

Run or walk 60km over the month, for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour across the world.

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Host a Mo-ment

Rally a crew and do something fun and easy, virtual or in person.

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Mo your own way

A choose your own adventure challenge epic in scope and scale.

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Movember fundraisers are a global community of fired up Mo Bros and Mo Sisters – aka rock stars making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Your donation could help save a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a partner, a man’s life.

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father and son laughing
Santo and Son FabianMelbourne, Australia
10-year Mo Legend, Dan Butler, rowed a full marathon (yes, 42.195km) for men’s health. Dan said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done – which makes it all the more inspiring for his community and his workplace at BESIX Watpac.
Dan Butler
10-year Mo Bro rows a marathon
Man sporting a rich moustache pointing to results on a rowing machine's digital display.

We've funded over 1,250 men's health projects globally

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Understanding why Black men have twice the risk of prostate cancer diagnosis

Movember-funded research could help Black men benefit from earlier and more regular prostate cancer screening.